Hey! Today we write about solar nails 2017.

Solar Nails

We have a lot of pros and cons about this nails.

If you want how to do solar nails get to youtube.com and write how to design solar nails 2017 fashion nails

Solar Nails it’s a good idea for a weeding, birthday, funneral, or many other occassions.

Pros and cons of Solar Nails

pros of solar nails:

  • Solar Nails are cheaper than gel nails
  • Are harder than gel nails
  • Don’t use nail uv
  • Can repair in home

cons of solar nails:

  • This Nails isn’t eco
  • Destroy nail plate


Every women want have elegant nails, so if you want to know how care nails and how make solar nails go to visit to page or go to youtube and write solar nails.

All of the women think that solar nails is a very fashion nails and popular. If you have any problems and questions, please write under this topics and i can help you if you want.


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