Today many women use solar nails. These nails have many pros and are very popular. But to remove them we must necessarily go to the beauty salon? Fortunately not. We can remove  solar nails them at home. Below I will give you step by step how to do it. I encourage you to read.

Step 1.

Prepare yourself a comfortable place. Ideally  place its’a a table or desk. Properly protecting the tabletop would not hurt it.

Step 2.

Cutting the nails is the first step that you need to perform to remove the nails. Shortening your nails will save you time removing them. Do it very carefully and do not overdo it.

Step 3.

Lightly polish your nails with a polishing pad. For this purpose, use the nail block 80/80. Here you also need to be very careful not to damage the nail plate. Remember not to focus on one place but do it all over the surface of your nail. After this step the plate clean of residual dirt and dust.

Step 4.

Prepare yourself a small bowl. Then add acetone to it. It is important that it was clean acetone. In the picture I have acetone with semilac but every other is good. In fact, the most important thing would be to clean it no matter which company. Regular nail remover of which ingredients are not only acetone will not remove the nail. Wash your hands before the operation.

Step 5. 

Before you nail your nails in a bowl, lubricate the nail skin with nail polish. Vaseline will prevent it from drying out. Just make sure that Vaseline does not get on the top of the acrylic nail because it blocks it from getting acetone and the nail does not dissolve.

Step 6.

Immerse your fingers in the acetone bowl and urinate for 15 – 20 minutes.

Step 7.

Remove your hands from the bowl and try to gently remove acrylic from the nail. You can undermine it with a toothpick. Acryl will have a consistency of rubber and should be easy to roll up. If the acrylic will still hard put your nails back into the acetone bowl for 5 minutes. Never break the nail strength of your nails!

Step 8.

After returning soaked acrylic should go down without leaving your nails on top.

Step 9.

Thoroughly wash your hands to remove residues of acetone and Vaseline.

Step 10.

If your fingernails are still in place, remove the nail with a nail polish. Do it gently so as not to damage the natural nail plate.

Step 11.

At the end of the hand moisturize the hand cream and olive oil on the skin. This will help you to recover the moisture of your acetone-dried fingernails and nails.


Remember very important tips!

  • Never break the nail strength of acrylic. This way you can damage the natural nail plate or worse – tear it off with acrylic.
  • Always use a clean aceton.
  • Be careful when you remove your nails. You can easy destroy your nail plate.


In the next post I will describe how to remove nails without chemicals. I hope you are waiting impatiently. Have a nice day 🙂



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