Summer shoes, sandals, flip flops and flip flops are all waiting for us all year round. But after the winter often our feet and nails are neglected. How about not take care and restore their beautiful appearance? I will write to you in today’s post.



First moisturizing

Many of us forget about this winter, and it is very important. Urea creams will have smooth feet. Remember to cream your feet after each shower or before sleeping.

Second peeling

To keep your feet smooth, use peeling or pumice regularly. There are many peels on the market, which will work perfectly in summer and will further refresh your feet.

Third, appropriate footwear

Try to wear shoes from natural leather. Avoid wearing built up shoes in the summer. The foot is unnecessarily sweaty, giving off an intense, ugly scent.

Fourth, coconut oil

If you are interested in the cosmetic favorites of all women then you probably know how many applications can have coconut oil. Yes! Coconut oil is also ideal for feet.

Fifth soaking of feet

Soaking your feet in water with bath salt is the perfect relaxation for your feet after a tired and hard day at work.

Six nails

Nothing looks worse than feet with ugly nails. Every woman wants to have fashionable and well-kept nails. There are many solutions in the market such as solar nails. This is ideal for women who do not have the time to change the nail varnish on a weekly basis.

Seventh UV filters

So your feet need them too. If you lubricate your face, also lubricate your feet.

I hope these 7 simple tips will take care of your feet and you will enjoy beautiful feet all summer.


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